Sunday, September 16, 2012

Failing as we Fall, by Scarlett Rains

Failing as we Fall

Words trip from my lips,
stumbling, they fall 
in stops and starts,
tumbling towards misinterpretation.
Coward that I am,
I call them back.
Too late. 
Your eyes remind me, again,
I am too late.

© 2012 Scarlett Rains

Friday, September 14, 2012

Potential Untapped, a poem by Scarlett Rains

Potential Untapped

The one note, unsung, sets the 
tone for it all,
like a gong unsounded in 
a Buddhist’s garden,
or a dewdrop clinging to the leaf.

© 2012 Scarlett Rains

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scarlett's Guest Poet, Claudia Messelodi, stops by from Italy...

Please, welcome my friend, Claudia Messelodi.  Claudia has traveled all the way from Italy (via the Web)—taking time from her husband, three children and responsibilities as a high school teacher —to visit with us this week, and share her work.   I am so glad she is here! Claudia’s poetry has been published in EoTE, Dragonscale Clippings,  A Handful of StonesPure Haiku, Simply Elfje, and Calaméo. Her first poetry collection 'Sky-blue Wisteria' was published March 2012 by the Arcolibri Cazzaniga Editore. Her poem, 'Presenza', won the  Perle Poetiche award in Italy this past February. You can enjoy more of her writing on her blog, a stream of small stones and contact Claudia here

Claudia Recommends 



light purple-blue
tendrils – embracing;
vulnerable, youth-scented
weeping clusters,
imbued with shy, self-effacing elegance;
pale, fuzzy leaves.
an intimate sense of friendship.
Blossom out
reciprocal belonging.
harmonious wildness.
untamed, natural beauty.

© Claudia.Messelodi


On the window sill
proudly look at themselves in the pane,
stylish, slim fuchsia

© Claudia.Messelodi

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Colours of the Rainbow (Haiku sequence)

The Colours of the Rainbow 
(Haiku sequence)

Rainbow red up high, 
let your fire spread through pale panes,
warm up frozen hearts.

Rainbow orange stripe, 
scatter joy and mirthful smile 
upon hopeless eyes.

Rainbow yellow yawns 
as sun shine lights up the room,
stormy rains have gone.

Rainbow green grows wild
touching hills and mountain peaks,
earthly powers rise.

Rainbow blue beams bright
amid indigo and green, 
pours dew-drops from skies.

Rainbow indigo,
intense shifting gradation,
evokes His presence.

Rainbow violet arch,
lavender scent to announce
God's mercy on earth.

© Claudia.Messelodi

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Curious untiring bees,
your buzzing round our ears,
as a welcoming cheerful melody
that expands in the air;
you show us your golden fuzzy rings,
tracks of stardust,
as reminders of your nourishing juice,
beside your proud pitch-black parts,
as cautious lifebelts,
hiding the most defensive weapon.

© Claudia.Messelodi