Monday, May 21, 2012

Confessions of the Human Kind

My halo slipped
a bit today…
I judged a man
for what he wore,
without a thought,
without a doubt,
his worth, or lack of it,
for sure
I felt I knew.
His temple was in disrepair,
A shoddy remnant
of a time when
time was good
and he was strong,
that time is gone,
As is his youth.
He squared his shoulders,
smiled at me, a little smile
that spoke of shame,
Then looked away,
at better days,
 He is no stranger to the truth.
My glance can be direct I’m told,
It’s often bold. It cuts beneath
to what is there and lays it bare
in search of truth. I searched again, and saw it there, 
beneath the stains upon his brow
a gleaming light, a subtle glow that’s only seen by those who know.
I saw on him the mark of one whom God has blessed to
breathe his air
I saw the soul in need of care.
The truth is not a sacred cow
to trot out Sunday’s…
and talk about.
It lives and breathes right hear and now
in that man’s plight.
His need is mine, his joy is mine,
His life divine. That is the truth.
© Scarlett Rains

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