Monday, August 13, 2012

Sky-blue Wisteria (Haiku sequence)

Sky-blue Wisteria 
(Haiku sequence)

Weak dwindling strength sways
in the wind while sipping sap
of uncertainty.

Tightly interwoven
twigs ovecome loneliness
in mutual support.

Pale purple pink white
wisteria - mirrors of one's 
rooted rarity.

Colourful fragrance
tasty touch - crossed crowded bridge
that crosses barriers.

Celestial light blue
shoots - skimming but not lapsing
over frothy sins.

Flourishing clusters
that flatter rusted railings 
plunged in rotten clay.

Bright blooms bend downward
shunning the shimmering gloom
of a moonless night.

Through fluctuating shades
constant modulated grasp -
shifting perspectives.

© Claudia.Messelodi