Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner for Two, by Scarlett Rains

Dinner for Two

The menu blurs to streaks of color,
Steak oozes blood on your shiny white plate,
Raw as my heart.

Without a care, you slice it up in perfect squares,
Glance at me and then away,
Hungry for change.
Perfume wafts back, its spicy sting reminding me
Of Seasons passed, of younger days
When I was all you craved.
Throat tight, I watch you chew, aware I am
As dead to you as that slab of meat,
Victim to your appetite.
Your jaw clicks loudly as you grind away
Eyes drawn by the sultry sway of hips,
Anxious for dessert.

© 2012 Scarlett Rains