Monday, July 9, 2012

Let me Rest in Peace

Let me Rest in Peace

    Let Me
     Rest in Peace

       I saw a ghost and  turned away,
No dead men walking my way today,
Just dead and gone where lost souls go
To wander lonely, all alone.
He will not rest, that lonely waif,
Who in life caused only grief to
Those who might have loved him once
If given the chance…
Now he’s dead, who gives a damn?

 He reaches out to touch his child
Who is so like him… lost, and wild.
Just one touch to last eternity
One touch and he can make her see.
She looks right through him unaware
His hand is clasping at her hair.
Regrets, remorse they are but words
To offer her, they don’t atone
For what he’s done.

 It’s cold as Hell. I laugh aloud
I guess not.  I hear Hell is rather hot.
Is it Dad, Father dear?
Is Hell hot this time of year?
I’m a fool to think of you,
You are nothing to me now
Not Father…not Dad.
Did I ever call you that?
I don’t recall.
I don’t remember you at all.

 A dead man walked my way today,
I felt his touch and turned away.
One touch can not the years erase.
Stay dead old man…stay gone.
Do not walk this way again.
The love you seek you will not find,
It’s laid to rest, died long ago,
As did my youth,
At four years old it died with you.

© Scarlett Rains