Sunday, July 8, 2012

It was Just a Thing

It was Just a Thing

Draw down the shades and dim the light,
Put out of mind what’s out of sight,
Lest seeing lay it bare.
A thing unseen may not exist,
Must not persist when rhyme, or reason,
Can’t explain my dread of it.

This thing you did that was so small,
So trivial, has shaken me.
There are no words to make it right.
Turn out the light and come to bed,
I can’t bear to see your face.
Let darkness come and clear my head.
A thing unspoken in the dark
Can be so harsh it leaves a mark
That scars the soul and
Takes its toll upon the mind.     
A silent drummer bangs his drum
Against my brow till memories come

Of truth that’s frigid, cold and bright.
It chills me, makes me cover up to
Hide my fear there’s nothing here
Worth fighting for, lying for, or trying for.
I can’t deny the truth of that. Eyes shut or not,
This thing you’ve done won’t disappear.

© Scarlett Rains